NHMFC’s TODO Diskwento Program, LAS CASAS QC Rocktoberfest

NHMFC’s TODO Diskwento Program benefits more delinquent loan borrowers

NHMFCs Tobias

The National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation’s (NHMFC) announced that more delinquent housing loan borrowers are benefitting from its recently launched TODO Diskwento Program (TODO).

The TODO Diskwento Program not only offers a guaranteed 100% penalty condonation, but a higher discount on unpaid interests that can go as high as 100% depending on the borrower’s total payments made. “This makes this program the most extensive penalty condonation program in the history of NHMFC,” NHMFC President Renato L. Tobias stressed.

The NHMFC targeted a total of 2,700 delinquent borrowers to benefit from the TODO Diskwento Program.

Accounts in arrears by 4 to 12 months as of August 31, are qualified to avail of the 100% discount on unpaid interests.

He encouraged NHMFC’s delinquent housing loan borrowers to hurry and visit the nearest NHMFC office and avail of TODO to save thousands of pesos from penalties and unpaid interests.

“We’ve always lived up to our mandate of increasing the availability of affordable housing loans for our Filipino homebuyers, but while doing so, we wanted to help (homebuyers) save their precious homes from delinquency no matter what circumstances they have experienced. That is why, we offer the TODO Diskwento Program as a significant financial relief to our Filipino homebuyers,” President Tobias further stressed.

NHMFC is one of the government’s key shelter agencies under the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD).

 Night of rock and music at Las Casas Quezon City

Las Casas Quezon City transformed into a music lover’s paradise last October 20, 2023, as the much-anticipated Rocktober Fest concert featured an electrifying performance by rock icon Bamboo. This event celebrated the timeless appeal of rock music and delivered a night of unforgettable music, high-energy entertainment, and pure rock and roll spirit.

The night began with a mesmerizing tango performance by none other than Asia’s Tango Champions, Jen and Jang Lopez. Their graceful and passionate dance set the tone for an evening with electrifying music and entertainment. The event also featured a high-powered performance from a local up-and-coming rock band, Baguio City’s Pride, The Edralins. This spotlight on emerging talent was a testament to the event’s commitment to supporting the local music scene.

As the night ended, the audience left Las Casas Quezon City with their hearts and minds filled with the magic of rock music. It was a night that celebrated the enduring legacy of Bamboo and the rich heritage of Filipino rock, proving that great music knows no boundaries.

The electrifying event was not just a night of music and dance. It was a celebration of the harmonious collaboration between Las Casas Quezon City and its esteemed affiliates, including Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Manuel L. Quezon University, VS Hotel Convention Center, Victoria Sports Club, the New San Jose Builders Inc., and their official media partner, 96.3 Easy Rock.

As the Rocktober Fest with Bamboo concluded, attendees went home with the memories of a phenomenal night of music and the satisfaction of knowing they had made a meaningful contribution to their community. The legacy of rock music in the Philippines is alive and well, and it’s ready to embrace what lies ahead.

“Mrs. Universe 2023 was A Revolutionary Pageant Experience”

Mrs Universe 2023 Filipino American Mrs Hawaii USA Meranie Gadiana Raman Mrs India UK comes in as the 1st runner up followed by Mrs Philippines Arlene Cris Damot as the 2nd Mrs Black Sea as the 3rd and Mrs Moscow as the 4th

The Philippines wraps up hosting the 46th Mrs. Universe pageant under the wing and watchful eye of National Director and former Mrs. Universe titleholder Maria Charo Calalo.

Concluding in the Newport Performing Arts Theatre last October 8, 2023, pageant aficionados applauded the polish and finesse of the festivities under the former pageant queen’s command. Mrs. Calalo reigns as ultimate director, the coronation and events leading up to it were unlike anything in the pageant’s history and nothing short of spectacular and world-class. Contestants and all involved enjoyed the duration of the competition with the warmth of Filipino hospitality.

Not only was the week-long festivities a celebration of married women everywhere, the pageant is an avenue to unite against agism, domestic abuse, bullying, and depression.

Mrs. Universe 2023 concludes with a momentous win by Filipino-American Mrs. Hawaii USA, Meranie Gadiana Raman. Mrs. India UK comes in as the 1st runner up followed by Mrs. Philippines (Arlene Cris Damot) as the 2nd, Mrs. Black Sea as the 3rd, and Mrs. Moscow as the 4th. After the success of the pageant and overwhelmingly positive global response, Mrs. Calalo and her team are eager and equipped to host the pageant again in the Philippines in 2025 should the opportunity arise.

Japan’s unforgettable October experiences

Pokemon Room at Mimaru Kyoto Kawaramachi Gojo

Every trip to Japan is unique, there is always more to discover. This October, festivals and fandom come together for unforgettable experiences perfect for first-time and frequent visitors.

Mimaru Kyoto Kawaramachi Gojo is very centrally close to Kyoto Station. This hotel has just reopened its doors and is ready to welcome guests with excellent accommodations in all sorts of fun rooms–including a Pokemon-themed room for those who are looking for a playful experience.

Many spots in Hita City were featured in the Attack on Titan story, so any fan will go wild over those locations. The whole city participates in the Attack on Titan fandom. There is also a statue of the character of Levi Ackerman in front of JR Hita Station.

Staying in Tokyo means all sorts of excellent events and activities all year round. This October, tons of unique experiences are open.

teamLab Planets, easily accessible from Shin-Toyosu Station, was just recently named Asia’s Leading Tourist Attraction by the World Travel Awards.

At the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park on the tranquil grounds of the Tohaku Chakan offers a slice of Japanese history with cultural shows, authentic Japanese activities, and delicacies inside the museum’s Okyokan, a traditional 270-year-old Japanese house.

The Japan mobility Show (formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show) showcases everything from cars to motorsports to whatever comes next for the industry. The event has been going on since the 1950s, and was paused due to the pandemic.

There is something for everyone this October in Japan. Whether you are interested in Japanese history or Pokemon, you will find something new and exciting to discover.



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