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Federal relief funds continue being distributed throughout Alaska to homeowners who earlier this year said they were struggling to make ends meet due to the pandemic. As of late-December 2022, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation has distributed more than $25 million in relief to 6,850 households representing 20,600 individual Alaskans.

The distribution efforts to date represent the allocation of relief funds to more than 90% of the nearly 7,700 applications identified as eligible for the congressionally funded program. The aid is designed to reduce mortgage delinquencies, forbearance, and foreclosures, as well as prevent the loss of vital utility and energy services for homeowners impacted by COVID-19.

Assistance Expanded

As the program has progressed and the needs of eligible applicants have been met in accordance with the guidelines set by U.S. Treasury, Alaska Housing has been able to identify and apply additional assistance in select areas for eligible applicants.

“Alaska Housing Homeowner Assistance has provided an important bridge to families who struggled due to the pandemic,” says Bryan Butcher, CEO/executive director. “By all measures, the federal aid appears effective in reducing the number of foreclosures in our communities.”

Allocations approved in December 2022 will provide additional aid for:

  • Past due property tax assistance for eligible applicants who requested property tax assistance at the time of their original application

    • These are generally seniors and other Alaskans whose home mortgages have been paid in full, but still struggled with added health costs or loss of income due to the pandemic.

    • Approximately 382 eligible applicants with financial assistance totaling roughly $600,000

  • Distribution of a third mortgage payment to eligible applicants who requested mortgage assistance at the time of their original application

    • These are generally Alaskans who were able to keep up with their mortgage payments, but may have had to forego other living expenses or accumulated other debt to make ends meet.
    • Approximately 2853 eligible applicants totaling roughly $4,287,800

Guided By Data

AHFC completed the first reviews and analysis of applications in early June 2022, which revealed the widespread statewide economic impacts resulting from COVID-19. This provided a roadmap for Alaska Housing to calculate the best use of available funds to relieve some of the financial burdens and anxieties homeowners have been experiencing due to the pandemic.

Data submitted from the applications show that the average monthly mortgage payment is $1,498; average monthly utility payments are $567; other household expenses average $586.

For distribution efforts, mortgage delinquencies were prioritized for payment over other expenses. Alaska Housing Homeowner Assistance funds are disbursed directly to the eligible applicant’s Mortgage Servicer, mortgage contract holder, manufactured mobile home lender, condominium/homeowner association, local taxing authority, and utility providers. Funds are not distributed to applicants.

Distribution Continues

The vast majority of assistance has been allocated statewide to eligible applicants as of December 2022 within three identified categories: Mortgage Reinstatement; Mortgage Assistance; and Homeowner Expenses & Utilities. Alaska Housing continues to work with Mortgage Servicers to complete the program and meet the needs of Alaska homeowners.

Applicants Can Check Their Status Online

Current applicants are encouraged to check the status of their application online with their unique confirmation code.

If you don’t have your code, check the confirmation email you received when you completed your eligibility check. Watch this video to learn more about how to check your status.

For More Information

For more information about AHFC and our programs, please visit ahfc.us.


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