Alaska Housing Finance Corporation :: 2023: The Year in Stories

As we reflect on the past year, Alaska Housing was fortunate to be able to tell the housing stories of Alaskans from across the state. 

There were tales of hope, from individuals who found housing after facing homelessness to a new homeowner who had nearly given up on the possibility of buying a house of his own. There were stories of people who found love and purpose in public housing. And there were reflections from AHFC employees, whose work every day makes it possible for countless Alaskans to have access to safe, quality, affordable housing.  

Graphic image shows photos from 12 stories Alaska Housing had the chance to tell in 2023.

Telling the Stories of Alaskans

From Ketchikan to Fairbanks, Anchorage to Juneau, Alaskans shared their stories. 

  1. For youths attending this summer camp, working with horses helps them build confidence, work ethic and important values. Kayzlee has been able to attend thanks to the Alaska Housing Youth Camp & Activities Scholarship, making connections that can last a lifetime.
  2. John was living in a family member’s car when he found a life-changing opportunity with Alaska Housing Stabilization and Recovery. After learning about the program through Helping Alaska in Fairbanks, John is grateful for having a place to call home.
  3. In times of joy and sadness, Linda has found support from her community at Alaska Housing’s Golden Towers property in Fairbanks. She also found something she hadn’t expected – love!
  4. Cathy Johnson knows from her own experiences how homeownership can change lives. Now a Senior Loan Officer at Movement Mortgage in Juneau, Cathy is committed to giving people the same opportunities she received.
  5. AHFC’s Education Scholarships have helped Alaskans achieve their career goals for 23 years. One 2023 scholarship recipient, Taghreed, shared what motivates her to work toward her goals.
  6. AHFC outreach specialists help prospective homebuyers see what is possible through HomeChoice™, a no-cost homebuyer education class. Now, the class has returned with an option for in-person learning.
  7. For Radames Mercado-Barbosa, education is an opportunity to realize his dreams. Recently, the junior at University of Alaska Anchorage received assistance from Alaska Housing to help him in that journey.
  8. Budget Analyst Kang Her said she values being part of a team that makes an impact for Alaskans, but above all she is grateful for a work environment of kindness and support.
  9. After finding a new career at Alaska Housing, Jamie Bordelon began to consider a goal that had previously felt out of reach — homeownership.
  10. For Lakesha, AHFC’s public housing provided a safety net for her forward movement. Through the Step program, she found resources that are helping her on her path as an entrepreneur and business owner.
  11. For Ricardo, art has led him to a place where he feels valued, with an appreciation for both him as a person and his work.
  12. For more than two decades, landlord John Harrington has been helping tenants in Ketchikan find access to safe, affordable, quality housing through AHFC’s Housing Choice Vouchers. 


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